Brookvent in Belfast wins £50,000 order from China

Brookvent in Belfast wins £50,000 order from China

A Belfast company which specialises in ventilation systems has won its first contract in China.

Brookvent, in Dunmurry, south Belfast, has secured an order for £50,000 to supply its system for an apartment block in Shanghai.

The news has been welcomed by Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster.

She said: “Winning the £50,000 contract to design, manufacture and supply bespoke window vents to a new high-rise apartment block in Shanghai is a very significant development for this export-focused company.

“The new business in China shows that smaller businesses in industries such as building products can be successful there by investing the necessary time and other resources to research the market, identify potential customers and follow up leads.”

The potential for other Northern Ireland companies to win business in China was one on the agenda when the Minister met with the China-Britain Business Council today.

The Minister added: “It was very useful to talk directly with the China-Britain Business Council and discuss the potential for Northern Ireland businesses; and how Invest Northern Ireland can continue to help companies increase exports to China.

Minister Arlene Foster welcomes Brookvent's order with China

Minister Arlene Foster welcomes Brookvent’s order with China

“Brookvent’s success in winning its first contract in China shows it is possible and I hope it encourages other businesses to explore this market.”

Declan Gormley, Brookvent Managing Director said: “Our participation in Invest Northern Ireland’s trade activities and the Danske Bank/Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce Export First programme has been very helpful to us developing business in China.

“This is an immensely encouraging and exciting contract in a vast marketplace that, we believe, offers substantial opportunities for our window ventilation and heat recovery systems.

“What helped us to secure a platform for growth in China is our commitment to innovation, now at the forefront of all our business processes. We have invested heavily in R&D to develop new manufacturing processes and specialist products that improve air quality and the energy efficiency of dwellings.

“We have taken a strategic decision to focus resources on exporting resulting in this and our other recently announced business worth over £500,000 in Poland. With the current market conditions, we believe that it is vital that manufacturers continuously innovate and look to export markets. The award of this contract demonstrates the international recognition of the quality and efficiency of our products.

“We are delighted to be involved in this project and hope that it will provide the stimulus for further growth in this market with the impending launch of our new Heat Recovery product range; aircycle 1.2 & 2.2,” he added.



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