Willie Frazer being held at Musgrave Street PSNi station in Belfast

Willie Frazer being held at Musgrave Street PSNi station in Belfast

EXCLUSIVE: WILLIE Frazer has told supporters he is prepared to go to prison to prove he is the victim of “PSNI tyranny”.

And he is refusing to be released on bail following his arrest on Wednesday morning by detectives from ‘Operation Dulcet’ into ongoing Union flag protests.

On Wednesday, a protest was organised for 7pm at Musgrave Street PSNI in Belfast city centre where the 52-year-old is being held.

Followers on Facebook had been to told gather at the station to show support for the founder of the Ulster People’s Forum.

Other Union flag protests have started to spring up, including one in Sandy Row, south Belfast which has blocked the road.

Just after 1opm on Wednesday that protests had started in Ballymena with loyalists blocking roads and calling for Willie Frazer’s release.

A message was posted on Facebook by one of his supporters.

Barrie Halliday told Ulster People’s Forum followers: “Willie was arrested this morning and taken away.

“Two PSNI search teams spent almost five hours taking his home apart. All the information Willie had on the IRA murders, smuggling and fraud has been taken away.

“This information on paper, hard drives and memory sticks was accumulated over years from a variety of sources and it is all now in the hands of the PSNI.

” They murdered his father, they murdered another 4 members of his family, they tried to frame him and wrecked the victims group he represented, they repeatedly sent him death threats and 2 weeks ago again attacked his home.

“Now in a last desperate attempt to silence him the PSNI have arrested him under the guise of organising peaceful protests.

“Could it be they wanted all his information on murderers, the DARD fraud and the horse meant scandal?

“Willie will refuse bail.

“He has identified himself to the PSNI as Patrick Malachy McParland and is claiming responsibility for the murder of 10 innocent Protestants at Kingsmill on January 5, 1976 and added that paper work containing evidence of this is in his house.

“Willie also added that the protest do not belong to him, they are the peoples so interning him wont make any difference.

“He asked me to pass on that he is in good spirits and has no intention of submitting to this tyranny.”

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