Book of Condolence opened for Constable Philippa Reynolds

Book of Condolence opened for Constable Philippa Reynolds

DERRY City Council is to open a Book of Condolences for Constable Philippa Reynolds on Tuesday.

The public will be able to sign them at Tower Museum and Waterside Library until this Saturday, February 16.

A funeral service will be held for Constable Reynolds on Wednesday lunchtime at Mossley Methodist Church.

Her parents were in America when news reached them that their youngest daughter had been killed.

On Monday, two homeless men have faced a court charged over the death of Constable Reynolds at the weekend.

The 27-year-old died in a crash around 3.40 am on Saturday morning.

She was the back seat passenger in a silver unmarked Vauxhall Vectra car which was struck by a stolen Toyota Land Cruiser which had jumped a red light.

Constable Reynolds was in the back seat of the police and took the full force of the 4 x 4 jeep as it hurtled straight into the side of the car.

She had only joined the PSNI two years after changing careers from teaching. The officer was originally from Crumlin, Co Antrim.

In court were Shane Christopher Frane, 25, and Conor Tyrone Clarence, 23, both of the Simon Community hostel on Bonds Hill, Derry.

The pair, who were remanded in custody, faced a total of 14 charges.

Mr Frane faces 10 charges, including:

* causing the constable’s death by dangerous driving;

* driving while unfit due to drink or drugs;

* aggravated vehicle taking causing death;

* the burglary of a house in Fountain Hill;

* failing to remain at the scene ;

* and failing to report an accident.

He replied “yes”, when asked if he understood the charges.

Conor Clarence (left) and Shane Frane remanded in custody over death of Philippa Reynolds

Conor Clarence (left) and Shane Frane remanded in custody over death of Philippa Reynolds

Co-defendant Conor Clarence is also charged with aggravated vehicle taking causing the death of Constable Reynolds, the burglary of a house in Fountain Hill and assisting an offender with intent to impede his apprehension or prosecution by changing clothing in an apparent attempt to disguise identity.

He also said he understood the charges.

Both defendants were arrested in a flat in the Simon Community hostel, six hours after the fatality.

A detective constable told District Judge Barney McElholm he believed he could connect the defendants to all the charges.

Solicitor David Brewster, representing Mr Clarence, said his client had given a full account of his role.

The detective constable confirmed that Mr Clarence during interview, stated that he was the front seat passenger in the stolen Land Cruiser.

He said he had fully cooperated with the police and had admitted his role and expressed his remorse.

Mr Brewster said that at this early opportunity, the defendant wanted to publicly express his apology for his role in the tragedy.

As the remand hearing ended, District Judge Barney McElholm said the court also wished to express its condolences to Constable Reynolds’ family, friends and colleagues for what he described as her senseless and needless loss of life.

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