SDLP councillor Pat McCarthy with his dog Jack at the counci's Your Dog, Your Job campaign

SDLP councillor Pat McCarthy with his dog Jack at the counci’s Your Dog, Your Job campaign

DOG fouling is a big problem in Belfast.

And Belfast City Council receives hundreds of complaints from residents each year about dog fouling and it spends thousands of pounds cleaning it up.

It says ALL dog owners need to take responsibility for their dogs and clean up after them – your dog, your job!

During spring and summer 2013, the city council is running the “Your dog, your job” campaign.

“We’re taking a localised approach, focusing our campaign advertising, enforcement powers and cleanups in each part of the the city in turn,” said a council spokesperson.

“We want to help eradicate dog fouling in the communities most affected, and boost awareness that if dog owners don’t clean up after their dog they could be fined.”

The council has simple advice for dog owners@

* always pick up dog waste and put it in the nearest litter bin. You can use any plastic bag and any litter bin, including your black bin at home.

* don’t put dog waste in your blue or brown bins as this can contaminate them and then we can’t recycle waste in that bin.

• carry a plastic bag or ‘poop scoop’ with you

• teach your dog to go to the toilet in your garden before you leave the house

• never let your dog onto the street to foul

• respect dog-free areas.

Added the spokesperson: “As well as leading to dirty streets and unsafe parks, dog fouling can be a health hazard for humans, especially children.

“For example, toxocariasis, commonly caused by dog roundworms, can be spread to humans through contact with contaminated faeces.

“Remember, if your dog is caught fouling in a public place and you fail to pick it up, you could be fined £80.

“If you don’t pay this fine, we can take you to court where the fine could increase to up to £1,000.

“Help us clamp down on dog fouling by reporting it. The more information you give us, the easier it will be for us to find the offenders, and issue fines for dog fouling.

We want to know things like:

• Where the dog fouling is – the exact location will really help, please include street names, areas, or landmarks

• The time when you think the dog fouling happens – do you know what time the offending dog is usually walked

• What the dog looks like – if you know the colour, breed or size this will help us identify the offender.

“You can report dog fouling by calling Belfas City Council on 028 9027 0431 or email

“Stray dogs are also one of the biggest causes of dog mess on our streets. If you see a stray dog please report it to us.”


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