Jamie Bryson and Willie Frazer fall out over street protests

Jamie Bryson and Willie Frazer fall out over street protests

ONCE they were united by a common cause – to have the Union flag put back up on Belfast City Hall.

Now that same cause has divided them as Willie Frazer and Jamie Bryson fall out over how to continue the street protests.

Former FAIR director Willie Frazer wanted protestors to continue to block the roads to drive home its message about the Union flag.

One-time North Down election candidate Jamie Bryson believed the way forward was to have white line protests which would not block the roads.

As a result, Willie Frazer has had the whip removed from him as an Ulster People’s Forum spokesman by his young under study Jamie Bryson.

In a statement issued on Wednesday night, the UPF, which is chaired by Jamie Bryson, said Mr Frazer views in recent weeks are contrary to those of the Forum,

And he revealed that the victim’s campaigner had declined to attend a meeting to resolve the issues.

“Unfortunately, recent statements made by Willie Frazer in the media are contrary to some of the views, plans and agreed policies of the Ulster People’s Forum,” the statement read.

“We have invited Willie Frazer to various meetings to discuss and resolve these issues, unfortunately he has chosen not to accept these invitations.

“The Ulster People’s Forum no longer validates Willie Frazer as a spokesperson, and the committee stands over the statement made by Ulster People’s Forum on 30th January.

UPF says Jamie Bryson speaks for the organisation

UPF says Jamie Bryson speaks for the organisation

“The Committee wish to make clear that Jamie Bryson is the only officially elected spokesperson of the Ulster People’s Forum, and has their full support.”

The statement added: “We continue to challenge the misrepresentation and deliberate lies presented about the Ulster People’s Forum as an organisation that is anti-peace.

“The Ulster People’s Forum is not anti-peace nor anti-catholic as some have suggested.

“The Ulster People’s Forum are working to create a peace that is equitable and just for all.”

The idea for an Ulster People’s Forum was first revealed by the Belfast Daily back in the middle of December.

It was set up to rival the Unionist Forum devised by Peter Robinson and Mike Nesbitt.

Belfast Daily obtained a copy of a Facebook message from Willie Frazer to Union flag protestors.

It read: ”

Belfast Daily has obtained a copy of a message Mr Frazer posted on Friday night to his followers on Facebook urging them to back ‘The People’s Forum

It reads: “Well done to all the areas that protested tonight, once again you have done Ulster proud.

“I would urge you all to get organised in your area and nominate a few people to come along and represent you at “The peoples forum”. (sic)

“Note this is absolutely nothing to do with the DUP or UUPs so called forum of which we have no interest to communicating with at this time.

“This is a true peoples forum, by the people for the people. When it’s been established then the politicians can come and meet us when we will out line what we think is the best way forward and how we wish them to represent us.

“It’s obvious that they simply don’t know what to do at this time. The five senior politicians met yesterday for seven hours and come up with four lines.

“Well, firstly, McGuinness will have no say in what Loyalism believes to be right or wrong so he shouldn’t even have been involved.

“Secondly. it’s nothing but unbelievable that the DUP and UUP can’t work out what to do, any of us could tell them in an instant what our concerns are.

“I personally feel they will never want to talk to any one from grass roots loyalism simply because they couldn’t answer our questions to them.

” They have got themselves into such a mess with all these “shared space agendas” and so called cross community initiatives that their hands are tied. They cant deliver what most loyalist want.

“At this time their best hope is that we get fed up and simply stop. That wont happen.

“We are demanding, equality, justice and our basic human rights as citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This is non-negotiable.

“Please note I am not in control or leading this. It belongs to the people and everyone is equal.

“I, with others all across Ulster, are merely co-ordinating the project which will give you all a voice, a voice that has been neglected for far to long. More information will be available over the next few days.

“United we stand.”



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