Matt Baggott briefed on Omagh shooting incident

Matt Baggott briefed on Omagh shooting incident

PSNI internal affairs detectives have launched an investigation afterĀ an off-duty police officer fired a shot during an incident at a house.

No-one was hurt during the incident on Friday night in Omagh, Co Tyrone.

Police have released no further details about the incident.

Officers from the PSNI’s Professional Standards Department are now investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Chief Constable Matt Baggott has been briefed by his senior command staff on the discharging of a firearm by an off-duty officer.

And the office of the Police Ombudsman has also been informed but as yet launched an investigation.

It is the second shooting by an off-duty police officer within the past month.

PSNI at the scene of murder bid on off-duty policeman in Bangor

PSNI at the scene of murder bid on off-duty policeman in Bangor

In December, an officer with the PSNI’s Close Protection Unit discharged a firearm during an incident in Bangor, Co Down.

It is believed a round from his Glock pistol struck his flak jacket, causing a minor injury to his rib cage.

He was treated at the scene by paramedicss

The circumstances surrounding that shooting have been shrouded in mystery.

One theory was that the Catholic officer disturbed two men at his home in the Springhill area of Bangor.

Two men, aged 45 and 52, were later arrested but were released on bail 24 hours later pending further

However, two days after they were released, the PSNI announced that they were treating the incident as “attempted murder”.

Security sources said the incident was “bizarre”.

“If it is attempted murder then that should have been for the court decide whether to release them on bail,” said a security source.

“There are many rumours doing the round on this shooting but the real reason behind it is being kept very a tight secret.”


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