Union flag protestor's message to unionist politicians

Union flag protestor’s message to unionist politicians

A TEENAGE boy has been knocked over during a flag protest in Belfast.

Police said he was struck by a car at the junction of Albertbridge Road and Templemore Avenue in east Belfast around 7.30 pm on Monday night.

He sustained injuries to his leg which are not thought to be serious.

Loyalists claim that a car “rammed the protest”, knocking down the teenager.

One loyalist claimed: “An adult male also went to help and he was hurt too.

“The teenager was taken to hospital and the PSNI let the car drive of into Short Strand direction.”

The incident happened amid a series of protests which took place across Northern Ireland as part of ‘Operation Standstill’, following changes to the flag-flying policy at Belfast City Hall.

Meanwhile, 11 people were arrested on Monday during the ‘Operation Standstill’ Union flag protest across Northern Ireland.

Six men and two women were arrested on suspicion of obstructing a highway following a protest in the Knock Dual Carriageway area of east Belfast.

In the Waterside area of Derry/Londonderry, three men were arrested on suspicion of a number of offences including disorderly behaviour and obstructing a highway.

In Belfast, Shankill Road at Browns Square, Cambrai Street, and Castlereagh Street were blocked by protestors.

Elsewhere police reported flag protests at Ballyclare Square, on Coast Road in Glenarm, on Rossdowney Road in Londonderry and in Fountain Hill in Antrim.

The Lisburn Road from Elmwood Avenue to Shaftesbury Square, the Shore Road at Mount Vernon, My Lady’s Road, Malone Road at Dub Lane and Sandy Row at Boyne Bridge have reopened after roads blocks were lifted.

Translink said all east Belfast Metro services were suspended for a time “due to numerous protests” on Monday night.

The demonstrations began last month, after Belfast City Council voted to restrict the flying of the Union flag to 18 designated days.

Earlier this month the first so-called Operation Standstill took place as protestors took to the streets to voice their opposition to the Belfast flag decision across Northern Ireland.

Although violence has broken out at some flag protests, police said the majority of demonstrations were peaceful.


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