Oxford Consulting creating 33 IT jobs in Belfast

Oxford Consulting creating 33 IT jobs in Belfast

AN American firm is creating 33 new jobs in Belfast by establishing a development centre.

The centre will be the first base Oxford Consulting Group (OCG) establishes outside of the USA.

Its investment in jobs is expected to bring in around £1.4 million annually to the local economy.

The information technology consulting firm specialising in services and solutions for supply chain management, business to business integration, and IT staffing.

Invest Northern Ireland has offered £330,000 of assistance.

Michelle Kerr, Founder, Chairwoman and President of Oxford Consulting Group, said: “We were very impressed with the quality of Northern Ireland’s offering and with the support made available to us by Invest NI.

“The Belfast operation will play a key role in supporting our projected growth, which will see us double revenue by 2015.”

Jobs boost for Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster

Jobs boost for Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster

Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster said the availability of talented IT staff in Northern Ireland was one of the reasons behind the investment.

“Invest NI worked hard to ensure that OCG was aware of all the benefits of setting up in Northern Ireland including our cost competitive environment, technically advanced infrastructure and the support on offer.

“These new high quality jobs will pay salaries more than double the private sector average and will contribute around £1.4million a year to the economy.

“Investments like this demonstrate that despite the challenging global economic climate, businesses that can offer high quality services focused on customer needs will continue to grow.”


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