Police charge man with east Belfast rape

A CHRISTMAS crackdown by police on thieves has  netted a boot load of stolen toys.

It comes as police launched a crime prevention drive at Belfast City Hall on Wednesday to beat crooks on the run up to Christmas.

Police have revealed that a patrol in west Belfast stopped a suspicious car in the Bingnian Drive area.

During a search, officers found £1,100 in stolen toys recovered.

Two men aged 49 and 46, were arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods and have been bailed pending further inquiries.

Officers says that although people are less likely to become a victim of crime they should still be on their guard.

“Christmas criminals aren’t always so obvious,” say the PSNI.

“They like to strike when your attention is diverted. Sometimes the victim doesn’t even notice they have had something stolen until they return home.

“When out shopping, always make sure your purse or wallet is not within easy access to pickpockets or light fingered thieves who may attempt to remove it from a handbag.

“Try not to carry large amounts of cash and be especially careful if withdrawing cash from an ATM. Be aware of those around you and make an attempt to hide your PIN as you type it.

“If you are having a particularly hectic shopping day and decide to stop somewhere for refreshments, don’t leave your shopping unattended.

“The opportunist thief will wait until your attention is elsewhere and within seconds your valuable Christmas presents for family and friends could be gone.

“Also if travelling in a vehicle make sure valuables are left out of sight in the boot area to help protect against anyone stealing from your car. If they can’t see them, they don’t know they are there.”

Other advice includes locking all windows and doors to stop thieves gaining access.

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