High blood pressure is the ‘silent killer’

IT is called the ‘silent killer’ and many people don’t even know they have it until it strikes.

Doctors estimate that one in every four adults have high blood pressure. But many people are unaware that they have the condition.

Now help is at hand with following research which has come up with a way of reducing high blood pressure.

Untreated high blood pressure or hypertension – increases the risk of heart disease and stroke

They are the first and third most common causes of death.  Hypertension can also damage the kidneys and increase the risk of blindness and dementia.

That is why hypertension is referred to as a “silent killer.”

Everyone is at risk from high blood pressure.

Systolic pressure is the first number in a blood pressure reading and is an indicator of blood pressure when the heart contracts. The second number, the diastolic pressure, reflects pressure when the heart relaxes between beats.

In the past, many doctors diagnosed high blood pressure based on diastolic pressure, the smaller number.

High blood pressure can now be lowered in just a week

However, new research suggests that systolic pressure is a much better indicator of hypertension, particularly in the elderly.

Diastolic pressure increases up to age 55 and then tends to decline.

On the other hand, systolic pressure continues to increase with age and is an important determinant of elevated blood pressure in middle-aged and older adults. While any pressure above 140/90 is considered elevated, about 65% of people with hypertension who are over age 60 have ISH.

High blood pressure interacts with other major risk factors such as diabetes and high levels of cholesterol to heighten the risk of heart attack and stroke.

But help is at hand.

Now a new breakthrough in the causse of high blood pressure reveals three easy exercises to lower blood pressure Below 120/80 – in just a week or less.

And it will help in preventing diseases such as strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure.

This is an alternative method to quickly and permanently heal your blood pressure.

It doesn’t matter what’s the cause of your conditions – be it genetic, high cholesterol, stress, or other factors ? the exercises you’re about to learn will help you.

What’s more, they . . .

• cause no side effects

• usually work within a week

• help more than 88.7% of committed participants

• take only a few minutes a day

• require no supplements or diet change

• so easy anybody can use them

• deliver permanent results

Your blood pressure will go down and stay down!

This is by far the simplest, easiest, and most effective method to permanently normalize your blood pressure without suffering the side effects of prescription medications


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