Murdered prison officer David Black

DETECTIVES PROBING the motorway ambush murder of prison officer David Black swooped this morning and made two arrests.

The men aged 31 and 44 were detained in the Lurgan area by the PSNI’s Serious Crime Branch and officers from a specialist Tactical Support Group.

The dissident suspects were raced away to the Serious Crime Suite in Antrim for questioning.

The arrests come as the Belfast Daily has learnt that police and intelligence met yesterday evening to discuss the fallout from the prison officer’s murder.

One area of concern is the major gap in the intelligence coming out of dissident republicans in north Armagh.

Already the Continuity IRA has murdered two soldiers at Massereen backs, Constable Stephen Carroll and prison officer David Black.

The Northern Ireland Executive and their Irish counterparts will also meet later to discuss the political ramifications of the murder at the North/South Ministerial Council in Armagh.

One area of concern has been the fact that getaway car used in the murder, a Toyota Camry, was fitted with Dublin registration plates.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the son of murdered prison officer David Black had travelled past the scene not knowing his father had been fatally wounded.

A friend of a prison officer who was murdered in Northern Ireland has said the victim’s son drove past the scene 15 minutes after the killing.

Ulster Unionist councillor Trevor Wilson has visited the family and said they were “devastated”.

“The M1 is supposed to be the busiest road in Northern Ireland and David’s son actually drove past the scene 15 minutes after it happened and not knowing that his father was actually involved in it,” he said.



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