THREE BELFAST hospitals need to improve and be a lot cleaner, say health inspectors.

Belfast City Hospital needs to improve, say health inspectors

The three main accident and emergency hospitals covering the city – the Royal Victoria, Belfast City and the Ulster at Dundonald – will all now require follow up visits by the┬áRegulation Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA).

It is responsible for monitoring and inspecting the availability and quality of health and social care services in Northern Ireland.

RQIA inspectors found that some clinical areas failed to have automated or elbow-operated taps, despite last year’s pseudomonas outbreak which claimed the lives of four babies.

A follow up investigation revealed that dirty taps were found to be partly to blame for the outbreak.

In some hospitals, inspectors also found an unacceptable degree of lime scale in some sink areas.

Even though most of the hospital, including Altnagelvin in Derry, were found to be are a lot cleaner, RQIA say there is still room for improvement.

Of the four wards visited in Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital, all four had to be revisited in a follow-up inspection.

Three out four wards were checked again at the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald, two out of four wards at Belfast City Hospital were revisited.

Only Antrim Area Hospital was given a clean bill of health.


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