WITH the highly anticipated new James Bond film, No Time to Die, set to hit the screens on 30 September, Hills Balfour has rounded up the top 10 experiences around the globe worthy of 007 himself.

From the sandy shores of Mauritius to flying high over Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park, there is something for everyone to channel their inner Bond.

1. ‘Shaken, not stirred’ in San Francisco, the home of the Martini
Bond enthusiasts should make it their mission to jet off to San Francisco, where they can sip on the agent’s favourite tipple in its birthplace. With no person or character more associated with this iconic cocktail than Bond himself, travellers can spend their visit in true Casino Royale style at the Occidental Hotel, where the first-ever martini was created in the 1880s. It is believed that a flush miner from Martinez, California was passing through the city and gave the bartender at the hotel a hometown recipe which the bartender recreated and added to the menu, naming it the martini. Still to this day, the famous drink is known to be one of the most popular cocktails globally and as 007 would say “once you have tasted it, you won’t drink anything else.”

2. From Vienna with Love: Take a romantic ride on the Prater Ferris Wheel, Vienna 
A Bond story wouldn’t be complete without a little (or a lot) of romance! Couples can recreate the romantic ‘first-kiss’ moment between Bond and his leading lady from the 1987 Bond film, The Living Daylights, whilst riding Vienna’s iconic Prater Ferris Wheel. The 65-metre tall giant Ferris wheel is a landmark in Vienna’s history as well as its skyline. When it was constructed in 1897 in celebration of the golden jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph I, the ride broke records for being the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. The giant wheel is still a favourite attraction at the Prater Amusement Park, where many couples have enjoyed gazing over Vienna’s twinkling night sky before heading into the city for a glamorous dinner date in true Bond style.

3. Find Solace under Namibia’s Star-Studded Skies
Namibia’s vast swathes of golden desert, rippling ochre dunes and rugged Skeleton Coast will remind visitors of the spectacular panoramas in the 2008 Bond film, Quantum of Solace. Bond-wannabes can glide down some of the world’s highest sand dunes at Sossusvlei, a salt and clay pan set amongst towering dunes that offer some of the most jaw-dropping views in the world. Alternatively, travellers can embark on an epic adventure to the breathtaking Fish River Canyon. Stretching 160km and reaching 500 metres in-depth, the world’s second-longest canyon offers endless opportunities to test endurance like 007 with hiking trails and kayaking tours. Finish off a day of thrills with a night of Bond-style romance, cosied under a blanket of twinkling stars at Namibia’s gold tier Dark Sky Reserve.

4. A View to Thrill: Spying Manitoba’s polar bears from the heights of a helicopter 
No 007 film would be complete without an iconic helicopter spectacle ride and visitors can take to the air just like James Bond over the icy tundra of Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba – the polar bear capital of the world. Visitors can observe the ‘Lords of the Arctic’ from above, spotting bears weighing as much as 681kg resting before the sea ice forms, or even mothers playing with their cubs. Gazing over the icy landscape, the scenes will remind travellers of the iconic frozen lake car chase in Die Another Day (2002). From high above, travellers can also spy other wildlife, including moose, caribou, seals and arctic foxes. The ultra-cool helicopter flights are specially adapted to the migration patterns of the air and the hands-on knowledge of the guides means travellers are in for the ultimate polar bear viewing experience.

5. Licence to Chill: Kick Back on an Idyllic Private Island in Mauritius 
Located off the South-East coast of Mauritius, the private island of Ile des Deux Cocos is the perfect place to hide out with its lush tropical surroundings and the dramatic Indian Ocean views. This luxurious destination conjures images of 007 whipping around on his jet ski in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and bikini-clad Bond girl, Honey Ryder, emerging from the crystal clear waters of a tropical island in Dr No (1962). Built over a century ago by flamboyant British Governor Sir Hesketh Bell, the island’s villa has a distinctly eccentric charm and its own private speedboat, along with a hot tub, solarium, housekeeper, valet and chef. The entire Ile des Deux Cocos island resort is perfect for couples who want to slip off the radar, with activities including snorkelling within the nearby Blue Bay Marine Park, a swimming pool and walking trails through the island’s native woodland.

6. Canyon Royale: Seaplane Canyoneering in Arizona
Travellers can embrace their inner Bond on the world’s only seaplane supported technical canyoneering adventure. Fans of The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) will feel as though they are gliding on 007’s very own seaplane, the Republic RC-3 Seabee. Adventurers can soar over the canyonlands to the edge of Lake Roosevelt on an epic splash plane, ready to challenge themselves in the heart of the Arizona desert. Cliff jumping, abseiling and rock climbing are all part of the fun in this incredible canyoneering experience. Expert guides are on hand to help adrenaline lovers push themselves through the granite chambers and emerald waters of the Sierra Ancha in central Arizona, whilst multi-coloured stones, natural waterslides and pine forests make for a movie-worthy backdrop.

7. Dive Another Day: Explore Puerto Rico’s underground Cave Network 
Harbouring the largest cave network in the western hemisphere, Puerto Rico is home to over 220 subterranean caves stretching more than 268 acres. With a further 800 caves yet to be explored, you never know which Bond villains could be lurking in Puerto Rico’s subterranean lairs. Bond is certainly no stranger to cave diving, having famously battled his nemesis underwater in Thunderball (1965). With over ten miles of mapped trails across the island, dare devils won’t want to miss a trip to Cañon de Tanamá, where the Tanamá River has carved a complex network of caverns, canyons and tunnels in the limestone cliffs. It is an unparalleled destination for caving, cave tubing, rappelling, hiking, and rock-climbing tours, whilst encountering magnificent Bond film-worthy views atop the cliffs.

8. The World is Not Enough: Around the World Voyage with Oceania Cruises 
Travellers onboard Oceania Cruises’ 684-guest Insignia can experience the jet-setter lifestyle of James Bond with the Around The World in 180 Days voyage in 2022. This globe-circling journey is the pinnacle of epic travel experiences, but just an average day at the office for the infamous MI6 agent, who circumnavigated the globe in the 1999 film, The World is Not Enough. Departing from Los Angeles, voyagers will experience 91 fascinating destinations across six continents, enjoying a myriad of in-depth and immersive experiences along the way, from South America to Africa, Asia and Canada. After a spectacular day soaking up the world’s wonders, guests can enjoy a martini, Bond’s favourite tipple, before making their way to the Grand Dining Room for the Finest Cuisine At Sea™ surrounded by bejewelled chandeliers, sweeping staircases and stunning artworks reminiscent of a glamorous Bond film set.

9. Diamonds Are Forever: Bond Worth-y Avenue in The Palm Beaches
Whether it’s enjoying a bespoke suit tailoring experience at Brioni’s, renowned for its Italian sartorial excellence or finding the perfect designer gown to look like a Bond girl at a star-studded event, Worth Avenue is a haven for a glamorous shopping trip in true Bond style. The Avenue’s romantic vistas and celebrated boutiques offer the best of designer fashion, including Chanel and Bottega Veneta, and jewellery by Tiffany and Co, providing travellers with the ultimate luxury shopping experience. Afterwards, travellers can head to the RH Rooftop Restaurant in West Palm Beach to quench their thirst on a martini or two, shaken not stirred of course.

10. Time to Sky: Paramotoring in Rwanda
Perfect for those with an extreme sense of adventure, this thrilling sky tour is the best way to experience astounding satellite views of Nyungwe National Park. Paramotoring is a form of paragliding where the pilot wears a motor on their back, providing enough thrust to launch daredevils into the air, propelling them through the sky on a journey smooth enough for Bond himself. Taking in the ‘land of a thousand hills’ from above,  thrill seekers may even be able to spot wildlife native to the park including the serval cat, mongoose, congo clawless otter or leopards. The landscape will remind paragliders of the epic jungle scene in Octopussy (1983) where Bond dodges wild cats to escape his elephant-riding enemy.

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