SDLP MP Mark Durkan

SDLP MP Mark Durkan

SDLP MP Mark Durkan has said his party will be voting in favour of to stop fracking right across United Kingdom.

An amendment to the Infrastructure Bill in the House of Commons today which would see a moratorium put in place on fracking.

Mr Durkan said: “Clauses in today’s Infrastructure Bill change the trespass law and introduce a new right to use deep-level land, which would allow fracking companies to drill beneath people’s homes and land without their permission.

“Whilst these clauses do not apply to Northern Ireland, the SDLP will nevertheless be supporting amendments to remove and amend the relevant section of the bill on the basis of the principle and precedent it would create for fracking across these islands.

“There are genuine concerns over the impacts for the climate of exploiting more fossil fuels and fears that fracking could cause earthquakes, pollute water supplies and lead to inappropriate development in the countryside.

“The Environmental Audit Committee is also urging more care and caution from the government on this.

“The SDLP has supported previous amendments to this bill and will be backing a moratorium on fracking when the House of Commons votes on the issue later today,” added the MP for Foyle.

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