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Said Kouachi has been named as one of the terror suspects in the attack on French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo on January 7. The other suspects have been named as Hamid Mourad and Cherif Kouachi.
Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Was Orphaned by His Parents

Metro News in France reports that Said and Cherif are brothers and were born in the 10th arrondissement neighborhood in Paris. The Kouachi brothers were orphaned by their Algerian-immigrant parents as children, reports Liberation.

2. Said Is French


Said is reported to be 34 years of age. He is a French citizen. in France reportsthat cops linked the three suspects to the crime after Said Kouachi left his passport in the getaway car. Witnesses said that one of the attackers at the scene told onlookers, “You can tell the media that it’s al Qaeda in Yemen.”

Hamyd Mourad: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hamid Mourad has been named as one of the suspects in the terrorist attack on the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo.

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3. His Brother Is a Convicted Terrorist

cherif kouachi photos

The Associated Press reported in 2008 that Cherif Kouachi had been sentenced to three years in prison in Paris for helping to funnel prospective jihadi fighters from France to Iraq. He served 18 months, another 18 months of his sentence was suspended. In that case, Cherif was named as a member of the 19th arrondissement network, named for the mainly North African neighborhood where they were based. The New York Times first reported on Cherif in 2005. It was reported that he had become inspired to fight in jihad due to the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuses.

Cherif Kouachi: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cherif Kouachi has been named as one of the terror suspects in the shooting of 12 journalists at the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

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4. The Attack Was Called ‘Exceptional Barbarity’ by France’s President

Kouachi and his alleged accomplices were armed with assault rifles and rocket launchers when they stormed the headquarters of the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. In total 12 people were killed when the terrorists, described as commandos, fired as many as 50 shots during the daylight attack.

Of the 12 dead, 10 are journalists and two are police officers. Early reports suggest that specific journalists were called out by the gunmen before being shot. One of the police officers was shot at close range as he lay on the street. You can see more raw footage of the attack above.

Several more people were wounded in the attack, with some in critical condition.

French President Francois Hollande, who quickly arrived at the scene of the horror, called the attack one “of exceptional barbarity” and immediately deemed it to be terrorism.

Among the deceased victims are editor Stephane Charbonnier (pen name “Charb“); cartoonist Jean Cabut (pen name “Cabu,“); Georges Wolinski, an 80-year-old famed cartoonist; and economist Bernard Maris.

5. The Investigation Has Moved to the City of Reims

Reims to Paris terrorist map

French security forces have elevated the terror threat in the country to the highest possible level. La Parisien reported that cops had made raids on homes in Paris and also in the city of Reims related to the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack: The Videos You Need to See

The French satirical Charlie Hebdo newspaper was attacked by 3 Islamist terrorists this morning. 12 people were killed, including 2 police officers.

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