DUP MLA William Humphrey condemns  sectarian attack on car in north Belfast

DUP MLA William Humphrey condemns sectarian attack on car in north Belfast

NORTH Belfast DUP MLA William Humphrey has condemned the sectarian attack last night at Alloa Street in the Lower Oldpark area during which the rear windscreen of a car was smashed.

Said Mr Humphrey:
“This car belongs to a local woman with children.

“It is reported that the rear windscreen was smashed with a brick thrown by nationalist youths who entered the area from Cliftonpark Avenue at around 9.30pm. There are unconfirmed reports of another car in Avoca Street having been attacked at the same time.

“It is disgraceful that residents should suffer sectarian attacks on their cars when parked outside their homes.

“The woman in Alloa Street has suffered repeated sectarian attacks on her house with golf balls and stones being thrown by nationalist youths.

“My party colleagues and I will be meeting with local community representatives and the PSNI later this week to discuss measures to prevent these attacks and to address the recent upsurge in sectarian incidents and clashes in the Cliftonpark Avenue area which is causing significant distress and worry to local residents.

Many believe that the increase in attacks on Lower Oldpark over the past year is intended to undermine the new housing regeneration in the area. These sectarian thugs will not be allowed to succeed in preventing Lower Oldpark from getting what it needs and deserves.”

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