Cody the Colly dog who lost her fight for life two weeks after a thug set her on fire

Cody the Colly dog who lost her fight for life two weeks after a thug set her on fire

THE family of Cody the colly dog who died after a thug set her alight have thanks friends and the public for their support during this week’s court case.

And they have praised the police and the Public Prosecution Service for pursuing the two culprits behind the attack and covering it up for two years.

In a statement posted this morning on the ‘Justice For Cody’ Facebook page which has over 70,000 likes, the family said: “Hi everyone. I’m sure you have all heard Andrew Stewart is guilty of abusing Cody’s trust and setting her alight to watch her in agonising pain.

“This was done for some kind of sick pleasure which i will never understand how and why anyone could possibly take pleasure from.

“Thank you Andrew for corrupting my children’s minds and exposing the horror of what you did to our family pet. I hope this is a deterrent to any other animal abusers out there. This behaviour is not acceptable and there will be consequences for animal abusers.

“Its been a long two years of awaiting justice. Thank you to our investigating police officer who was not only so efficient and thorough with his investigation but also a fantastic support throughout this traumatic time.

“He put his whole heart and determination in to this case and i feel he did so much more than “just his job”. We cant thank him enough!

“Also thankyou to the PPS barrister who also did a great job. He also was a great support during the case.

“Of course a massive thankyou to all of you, the supporters , almost 70,000 of you worldwide!

“Thankyou for restoring our faith in humanity,you all helped us realise there is good out there, and such great encouragement and help you all have been to keep us going in our fight for justice.

“We feel we haven’t been going through this alone . You are all so passionate about Cody and animal welfare. This has helped us tremendously!

Beautiful Cody the Colly dog before she was set alight

Beautiful Cody the Colly dog before she was set alight

“Also thank you to Simone, a good friend of mine who has stuck by me and this site for two years helping me emotionally and helping out with admin.

“There were many times i couldn’t bare to even go on this page as emotions were too high and sometimes found it all too difficult and hard to cope with. I couldnt have kept this fb page going without her.

“So the next stage as you all know is 7th October for Andrew’s prison sentencing. Also Jamie Downey’s sentencing for perverting the course of justice.

“Two years of lies could have easily prevented.

“I’m sorry I’m only posting now. I needed a bit of time to get my head around all this , and process it all, the trial has brought all my previous emotions to the surface and i needed time to gather my thoughts.

“I hope we get a decent prison sentance outcome on the 7th October , for Cody, our family and all other animals out there.

“Hopefully Cody will have some sort if triumph after her horrendous attack and death.”

Signed Natalie.

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