Scots reader with a copy of Gilmour's book 'What Price Truth?'

Scots reader with a copy of Gilmour’s book ‘What Price Truth?’

EXCLUSIVE: FORMER security force members are tracking down IRA members fingered by ex-supergrass for a string of unsolved murders.

Belfast Daily understands the unit was set up in recent weeks following the publication of Raymond Gilmour’s book ‘What Price Truth?’.

It is understood the ex-security force members are monitoring the movements of up to eight one-time leading Provos in Derry named by Gilmour as being involved in a sectarian murders across the city during the late 1970s and 1980s.

The Provo gunmen are linked to the murders of:

• British soldier Christopher Shenton, 21, shot dead by an IRA sniper in January 1981 as he manned an observation post at Castle Gates , Derry which overlooked the republican Bogside district;

• Protestant Joanne Matthers, a Census worker. Mrs Mathers was shot dead in Gobnascale’s Anderson Crescent in Derry as she collected forms in 1981.

• David Montgomery who was shot dead in February 1981 at Keys timber yard in Derry. Gilmour also says he knows the identity of the killers. “One of them bragged about the shooting at an IRA meeting the next day. They had been doing dry runs the timber yard in the weeks leading up to the murder.’’

• Lord Louis Mountbatteen in 1979 in Co Sligo by planting a bomb on his boat Shadow V.

One of those being monitored is the former IRA ‘Officer Commanding’ in Derry Martin ‘Ducksy’ Doherty.

Although he was the ‘OC’, Raymond Gilmour claims Doherty took all his orders from Martin McGuinness who was at times head of its ‘Northern Command’ or ‘Chief of Staff’.

Two others are said to be be former school teachers in Derry, one of whom is a bomb expert who made the bomb used to kill Lord Mountatten and the other one is said to have organised training camps in Co Donegal for the IRA’s ‘Derry Brigade’.

Said a source: “There are a lot of ex-security force members who believe it is time Martin McGuinness and others in the IRA’s Derry Brigade were held to account for their crimes.

“In the eyes of many, Raymond Gilmour has done the public a great service by bringing out his book and shining a light on the activities of McGuinness and others.

“All intelligence gathered on the suspects will be passed to the PSNI. Many people are unhappy with PSNI professionalism and partiality.”

Gilmour’s book has been a huge hit on the internet and also in his home city where sources say it has been selling well.

“People have been buying to see if they are named in it!”

Former IRA supergrass Raymond Gilmour

Former IRA supergrass Raymond Gilmour

Earlier this week, Belfast Daily revealed that deputy first minister Martin McGuinness is considering legal action against Gilmour’s book.

It is understood the deputy first minister has asked his lawyers to look at possible legal moves to have Gilmour’s explosive new book ‘What Price Truth?’ withdrawn from circulation.

The book is an updated version of his explosive book ‘Dead Ground’ which gave a fascinating insight into his life as an IRA informer in Derry.

A source told Belfast Daily: “Martin McGuinness has instructed a solicitor to look at what legal action is open to him to have the book withdrawn from sale. There may be an attempt at a High Court injunction.

“But it will present problems for his legal team as Amazon is an American company.

“However, Gilmour’s legal team are preparing for any threats of legal action and will go to court to stop any attempt to remove it from sale.

”Sales of the book are going very well online. In fact, they are much better than expected. People want to read Raymond’s story.”

Last week, the Belfast Daily revealed that the PSNI had been invited to interview IRA supergrass Raymond Gilmour after he offered to name a string of Provo killers behind unsolved murders.

We revealed that a letter from Gilmour’s legal team landed on the desk of PSNI Chief Constable.

According to security sources, the letter was hand-delivered to PSNI headquarters at Brooklyn in east Belfast earlier today.

It is understood the letter says that Gilmour is willing to tell detectives about a number of murders carried out by the IRA in Derry.

He says he knows who gave the orders and who murdered them.

Gilmour says that Sinn Fein deputy first minister Martin McGuinness personally ordered a number of people to be murdered while he was a senior IRA godfather in the city.

The former supergrass’s legal letter has now been passed to Crime Operation Department (COD) headed up by Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris.

Belfast Daily understands the letter has also asked that Gilmour be placed in a “witness protection scheme” while the PSNI carry out an investigation.

IRA chiefs 'Big' Bobby Storey and Martin McGuiness

IRA chiefs ‘Big’ Bobby Storey and Martin McGuiness

The bombshell letter will cause a major headache for the PSNI after the political fall-out following the arrest of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams for the murder of Jean McConville in 1972 and IRA membership.

Martin McGuinness claimed there was a “dark side” inside the PSNI who were operating their own agenda against Sinn Fein and the peace process.

Now police chiefs will have to decide whether to arrest the deputy first minister for questioning.

Said a security source: “If he is not arrested, we will be accused by unionists of ‘political policing’.

“And if we do arrest him, Sinn Fein will say the so-called ‘dark side’ inside the PSNI is operating yet again. No matter what we do we can’t win.”

Gilmour’s revelations on the Belfast Daily has sparked huge social media interest in the story around the world.

The 54-year-old told Belfast Daily that he decided to “lift the lid on atrocities carried out by the IRA’s Derry Brigade’’ following publication of his first story on the Belfast Daily days earlier.

He said he has been “inundated’’ with messages of support after revealed to Belfast Daily on Friday that he would tell the PSNI that deputy first minister Martin McGuinness ordered a number of murders in Derry stretching back over 30 years.

His revelations were first made in his new book ‘What Price Truth?’ which has just been published.

He has since told Belfast Daily that he will pass the names of McGuinness and seven other IRA men in Derry to police.


Gilmour told Belfast Daily: “Thirty years ago when I was making statements to the RUC Special Branch and CID, nobody was interested in Martin McGuinness.

“Everything was being pointed away from him. Somebody had to be protecting him in the security services. You can’t be the top dog in Derry for all that time and never get charged.

“Now I am going to be asking the PSNI through my solicitor in Belfast to come and interview me about what I know happened all those years ago.

“I want this to be a fresh approach to what happened. I have the names of those involved in these murders, some of whom are leading political figures in Sinn Fein.

“These families deserve to know the real truth and also get justice.’’

Recently Gilmour was chaperoned in England by ex-security force members to meet English police officers to talk about IRA murders carried out in London and Birmigham.

He says that talking about his former past has helped to unburdened him of secrets he has known about since the late 1970s and early 1980s.

“The more I have opened up about what happened all those years ago, the better I feel.

“These people in Sinn Fein and the IRA should not be allowed to get away scot free for carrying out cold blooded murders.

“Sinn Fein and the IRA are always trying to discredit me. Why? Because they know that I know the truth.

“When I was a supergrass in the early 1980s, I wrecked the IRA in Derry. I brought them to their knees.

“Now I intend to do the same. And this time I want to see Martin McGuinnnes in the dock because he has the blood of a lot of victims on his hands.’’

*What Price Truth?’ is now available to download on Amazon Kindle




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