Helen McKendry says Gerry Adams needs to tell the truth over IRA murder her mum Jean McConville

Helen McKendry says Gerry Adams needs to tell the truth over IRA murder her mum Jean McConville

THE brave daughter of murdered Jean McConville has called on Gerry Adams to tell the truth about her mum’s brutal abduction and secret burial.

Helen McKendry says the Sinn Fein president has been spinning misinformation about her murder in 1972.

She said that during a private meeting with Adams, he told Helen of her mother-of-ten’s murder: “I know who wasn’t involved.’’

Said Helen: “What I am saying is he knows nothing how does he know that?’’’

On Sunday night, police warned Adams that his life was under threat from “criminal elements”.

The threat warning was also delivered to Sinn Fein’s Belfast boss Bobby Storey.

Mrs McConville’s son Michael said that his family would fight “to the bitter end” for justice.

He said he had met Adams around the time that the then Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan was drawing up a report that would go on to dismiss claims Mrs McConville was an informer.

Mr McConville said: “I said to him that I was going to go public with the names of the people involved in my mother’s abduction and murder.

“Gerry Adams says to me, ‘Michael, you are getting a lot of support from the republican people’.

“He says ‘if you release the names I hope you are ready for the backlash’.

“I took it as a threat,” added Michael.

Police believe that Adams was the IRA’s leader in Belfast at the time of her abduction and murder.

Former IRA man Brendan Hughes told researchers on the Boston College tapes project that Adams sanctioned the 37-year-old’s murder.

Hughes said: “There was only one man who gave that order for that woman to be executed – and that man is now the head of Sinn Féin.”

Hughes also said on tape that Adams went to the McConville children after their mother was abducted and promised an internal IRA investigation.

“That man is the man who gave the order for that woman to be executed. I did not give the order to execute that woman. He did.”

Adams was released by detectives on Sunday evening after spending five days and four nights in police custody.

Police had considered charging Adams with IRA membership before releasing him.

However, senior detectives decided to refer a file on his interviews to the Public Prosecution Service for consideration.

The Louth TD said he now plans to complain about the food served up to him at the serious crime suite in Antrim saying it was “inedible’’.


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