ANYBODY interested in how the digital revolution continues to impact and evolve on the daily lives of people and businesses in Donegal and Ireland can get a snapshot of where it is going next week.

The snapshot will be part of an overall workshop entitled ‘The Future of ePublic Services in the Atlantic Area’ which takes place at the CoLab at the LYIT in Letterkenny on Thursday, January 23rd.

The workshop will examine the new generation of disruptive Digital Technologies which stand ready to create a second revolution in the way that public services are delivered to citizens and business.

The first revolution was based on the advent of broadband and the Internet, and for the first time, enabled consumers of public services to self-service their service needs. It lowered the cost of providing the service, as well as improving productivity and service levels.

The new disruptive technologies include mobile and cloud computing, social media, data analytics, ubiquitous computing, etc. and enable the consumption “at-any-time-any-place” of more responsive and evidence-based public services.

This workshop will, by bringing input from a number of sources , discuss the implications of these technologies for public service delivery in the Atlantic Area.

A key output of the workshop will ideas for new projects that meet the needs of Europe’s Atlantic areas.

These inputs include the results of an-online blog, social media campaign and presentations from practitioners and researchers. The event will also be streamed live.

The workshop is part of a study to identify the Digital Agenda needs of Europe’s Atlantic Regions. It is being carried out by the ERNACT network, in cooperation with the Atlantic Forum of the Commision of the Peripheral & Maritime Regions (CPMR).

For more information on the workshop and to register click here


Donegal workshop

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