Three people face Ballymena Magistrates Court charge with attempted murder of Adam Robinson

Three people face Ballymena Magistrates Court charge with attempted murder of Adam Robinson

A MAN found naked in a taped up wheelie bin had been ‘tortured’ following a week long drink and drugs house party, a court heard yesterday.

Victim Adam Robinson sustained a catalogue of injuries during the attack in the bathroom of the party house before being dumped in the bin.

The details emerged when two men and a woman faced Ballymena Magistrates Court accused of his attempted murder and falsely imprisoning him.

In the dock were Teri Lau, of Dunclug Park, David Roddy Patterson, of Glendu Drive, both aged 26, and Paula Wilson, 20, of Millfield.

A detective constable told the court that the assault on the 20-year-old victim took place in the bathroom of 97 Dunclug Park during a week-long “drink and drugs fuelled party”.

The victim told police that he was first attacked by Lau in the bathroom before being assaulted by others.

“He has no clear memory what day in happened on,” the detective told the court.

Mr Robinson was found by Mazie the retriever dog on Wednesday who picked up his scent from the taped up wheelie wedged against a tree in Sentry Hill Park, about a mile from the house party.

“The dog’s owner went over to the bin. As he went to walk away he heard somebody shouting ‘help’ from inside the bid.

“He removed the parcel tape and found the victim inside naked and beaten. He then raised the police and ambulance.”

The victim was taken to Antrim Area hospital where the detective said he was found to have suffered a number of injuries, including lacerations and bruising to his body.

“He has a severe injury to his liver. It looked like he was tortured.”

Three men and a woman were arrested on Wednesday for questioning. One male was released on police bail pending further inquiries as he “had an alibi”, said the cop.

As the three defendants were led into court yesterday lunchtime, the victim’s father stood up, walked over to them in the dock and glared through the bullet proof glass before being ushered away by security staff.

The detective said that during her first interview Paula Wilson said she was at the house party but left either on Sunday night or Monday morning to go to her mother’s house for a sleep.

A defence barrister said there were a number of discrepancies in a witness statement which claimed to have seen Wilson near the wheelie bin.

The witness described the person as having “dark locks” and was aged “14-16”

The barrister said that Wilson had bleached blonde hair and was coming 21 in December.

A defence solicitor for David Roddy Patterson said he had been released from prison on licence last October after serving a sentence of possession of drugs.

He asked the court to release Patterson on strict bail conditions as there was now the possibility that his licence would be revoked and he would have to serve out the remainder of that sentence for drug offences.

However, the magistrate said: “The court is powerless to stop anyone from interfering with the injured party or witnesses. The court is completely powerless.”

Lau and Patterson were remanded in custody to Maghaberry Prison to appear again via videolink on Thursday, October 3.

Paula Wilson was released on her own bail of £500 along with a surety of £500.

The 20-year-old was ordered to be electroncially tagged and live at 24 Markstown Groves in Cullybackey with Paul Cochrane.

She also banned from:

* taking unprescribed drugs or alcohol;

* having a mobile phone;

* Ballymena except for signing police bail every Wednesday and a registered doctor’s appointment;

* travelling in a private car;

* contacting her co-accused, witnesses or the injured party.

She was also ordered to observe a curfew from 8pm to 8 am and must also submit herself to a police breath test if requested.

As the magistrate told prison guards to “take the defendants back”, there were shouts of “scumbags” from friends and family the public gallery.

The magistrate then ordered security staff to “clear the court”.

The victim’s father tried to approach the dock again but was prevented by security staff. He was overheard saying: “That’s my son we are talking about. That’s my son.”

Over an hour later, as prison guards led Lau and Patterson in handcuffs to a security transport van, the pair were again heckled with shouts of  “you are scumbags” by a number of waiting people outside the building.


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