Teenager Corey Smyth refused bail accused of rioting at 'hoods bonfire'

Teenager Corey Smyth refused bail accused of rioting at ‘hoods bonfire’

A TEENAGER awaiting sentence for rioting hasĀ been remanded in custody accused of taking part in serious violence this week.

Eight police officers were left injured when they were attacked during trouble at the ‘hoods and criminals’ bonfire in Divis Street, west Belfast on Thursday night.

Corey Smyth, from Juniper Park, Dunmurry, allegedly took part in rioting at Divis Street on Thursday night.

Belfast Magistrate’s Court heard the 19-year-old was already on bail awaiting sentence on a similar charge at the time.

A police constable told the court he believed he could connect Mr Smyth to the charge.

He revealed that the teenager had broken the two conditions of his bail by staying out after curfew and consuming alcohol.

The officer agreed with the accused’s solicitor that during police questioning Mr Smyth was “highly apologetic and expressed remorse” for his involvement.

The solicitor argued that despite a previous conviction for riot, allegedly committing the new offence while subject to a suspended sentence and awaiting sentence on another charge of riot, Mr Smyth could safely be released on bail.

However, District Judge Bernadette Kelly refused the bail application.

She said the risk of Smyth committing further offences was not just a risk but a “virtual certainty”.

Smyth was remanded in custody to Hydebank Wood Young Offenders Centre in south Belfast.

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