The horrific injuries thugs cause to the ears of Norman the greyhound

The horrific injuries thugs cause to the ears of Norman the greyhound

FEW were left untouched and unmoved by the horrific barbarity meted out to Norman the greyhound.

Last month, Belfast Daily reported how the young greyhound had his ears hacked off and abandoned in Co Antrim.

The story shocked animal lovers that someone could treat a defenceless dog in such an horrific and brutal way.

Now Norman has stormed back to good health and has got himself a new home.

The Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary, which had tended to him for several weeks, announced on Tuesday night the good news that Norman’s foster parents were now going to be looking after him full time

The sanctuary said today: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who expressed an interest in re-homing Norman.

“It would be difficult to thank everyone individually so hopefully this will be acceptable to all concerned.

“In addition we would like to thank all those wonderful people who sent donations, to those who made a special visit with donations and toys and many thanks for the special collar and bedding for Norman.

“Everyone has been absolutely wonderful and we can’t thank the public enough for the generosity that has been shown.

“The outpouring of love and compassion that has been shown for Norman from all over the world has shown that there are many, many more good people than there are bad.

“We would like to announce that Norman’s foster home has now become his forever home, during Norman’s time being fostered his new mum and dad became more and more attached to him, and he has become more and more attached to them.

“He has settled in very well with his new brother and sister Codi and Tia, so a decision has been by the management that rather than uproot him again he should stay in the home where he is a very much loved member of the family,” added the statement.

It’s good news for Norman after the trauma of what he went through.

Those who hacked off his ears were at the time branded ‘scum’.

It was done to hide his identity has been taken to the hearts of animal lovers in Northern Ireland.

The former racing greyhound Norman who was found with his ears hacked off in Newtownabbey

The former racing greyhound Norman who was found with his ears hacked off in Newtownabbey

Traumatised Norman underwent surgery to the horrific injuries he sustained at the hands of mindless thugs.

He has since spent weeks recuperating in the Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary.

Police in Newtownabbey have appealed for information following the sickening attack on Norman.

Officers were horrified to discover a greyhound dog had its ears cut off.

The PSNI received a call out shortly before 8pm on Monday, June 24 to the scene of a dog in distress on the Ballycraigy Road.

When they arrived officers discovered a former racing greyhound had been abandoned.

But to their horror they noticed its ears had been hacked off to remove the birth and registration tattoos that allow greyhounds to be traced.

The traumatised animal was taken by police to Farmhill Vets in Carrick where it was treated for its injuries.

Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary chair George Anderson described the dog’s injuries as “absolutely horrendous.”

“I wouldn’t even call the people who did this animals – an animal wouldn’t be so cruel. They are the scum of the earth as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

Mr Anderson said that when the dog’s injuries have healed the sanctuary will try to find him a new home.

Police officers investigating the incident have appealed for anyone with information to contact them urgently on 0845 600 8000.


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