Burglar refused High Court bail over vicious attack on disabled woman

Burglar refused High Court bail over vicious attack on disabled woman

POLICE traced the disabled victim of a vicious house burglary after she made a silent 999 call.

And the High Court in Belfast heard on Friday that the disabled woman was battered so badly by a burglar that she needed a brain scan.

The judge described the attack as “absolutely outrageous” after hearing details from a prosecution barrister who opposed a bail application by Edward Stuart Cambridge.

The 21-year-old is accused of breaking into the woman’s Belfast flat last Sunday and inflicting multiple injuries.

Cambridge, of Green End, Newtownabbey, denies burglary and theft, causing grievous bodily harm with intent and threats to kill.

While the intruder was searching for money, the woman made a 999 call but was unable to speak. Police traced the call and went to the woman’s Shore Road home.

The prosecution said her face and nightdress were left covered in blood.

The woman, described as having limited mobility, told officers a man had climbed through her dining room window and attacked her from behind.

“His first strike came before he made any demand for money,” the barrister said.

“He then began a continuous assault, beating her around the head and face, demanding money and telling her he was going to kill her.”

She had sustained two black eyes, severe swelling, and welts to her thigh, from being hit by a belt or strap.

The woman also suffered an open wound to her nose caused by her glasses being punched into her face.

Further hand bruising was inflicted by attempts to cover her face.

“She had to be taken for a CT scan of the brain because her swelling was so extreme,” the prosecution barrister added.

Mr Cambridge was stopped and arrested by police after the woman provided a description of her attacker.

He was carrying a woman’s studded belt, with hair on it allegedly matching that of the victim, the court heard.

The accused denied any involvement in the burglary, claiming he had been drinking at a friend’s house before being asked to leave by other men.

The judge refused bail due to the risk of further offences.

“This case is an instance of every female householder’s nightmare, an absolutely outrageous attack upon this innocent woman by a total stranger,” he said.


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