WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE... 12 TIMES OVER:  Newly crowned Miss Northern Ireland Meagan Green will be hoping that she’s a winner again this Friday (May 31) when a special Euromillions raffle will give someone from Northern Ireland the chance to win a staggering £1 MILLION EVERY MONTH FOR THE NEXT YEAR.   Meagan sampled the millionaire’s lifestyle at the luxurious 5-star Culloden Hotel ahead of the National Lottery’s new EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle which guarantees to create a UK millionaire in every EuroMillions draw – but this Friday will be different with one UK ticket-holder banking £1 million tax free every month for a year.  And with a giant cheque delivered into their account each and every month, the lucky player will be able to splash out time and again knowing another million is just a month away.  Culloden concierge Jonathan Cain was on hand to make sure that Meagan’s every wish was catered for during her visit.

HOW would you like to pocket a cool £1 million this month? And then again next month. And the month after that… for the next 12 months? … more